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Your Personal Property Manager


At Niche Portfolio, we pride ourselves on the extra care we invest in your portfolio and the personal service you receive.

When you engage Niche Portfolio, you have a dedicated and reliable property manager to manage your residential or commercial property: one knowledgeable and experienced contact who understands you, your property history, your tenants and the local market, inside and out.

We’ll Do The Hard Work

Our goal is to take the stress out of leasing your property.             

Let your property work for you.

This means we find tenants, shortlist them, arrange a moving-in date, track rental payments, maintain your property with care and attention, and keep you updated on the performance of your investment.

Any new developments with your property? You can rely on us to keep you informed straight away.

What Do You Get With Our Property Management Service?

  • Negotiation of new residential or commercial leases, including advertising, holding daily inspections,  finding tenants, and managing paperwork
  • Overseeing all repairs and maintenance of your property promptly and efficiently, ensuring no call-out fees  are charged, and keeping costs to a minimum
  • Frequent property inspections (up to 4 site visits every year)
  • A single point of contact, with one property manager dedicated to your portfolio
  • Ensuring rent increases are issued according to market
  • Management and payment of bills, such as loan payments, land tax, insurance, maintenance and rates
  • Skilful management of multiple commercial tenants, major and minor, across a commercial property portfolio
  • Monitoring your incoming rent on a daily basis, not a weekly basis, and promptly following up on any arrears
  • Monthly transfers into your nominated account on the last day of every month
  • Detailed monthly statements emailed or sent to you on the last day of every month
  • An executive rental database to place the right short or long-term tenants in your Sydney property
  • Property inspections for vacant properties every day, not just Saturday
  • Out-of-hours appointments for property owners and for prospective tenants.

Plus, There’s More
landlord3.jpgAlong with our residential and commercial property management services, we offer:

  • Assistance when you’re selling your residential or commercial property, with the right advice and help  to get the best possible price
  • Free help with mortgage broking, guiding you in your selection of lenders and products,  saving time and potentially thousands of dollars
  • Honest and accurate sales appraisals of residential and commercial properties in Sydney.

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