Amazing Feedback

Hi Colette,   You have been absolutely amazing and so helpful.   I really can't thank you enough for all of your help and support, thank you so much.   Hopefully we will have some more properties in the future for you to help us with.   I hope you are well and everything is going amazing.   - Owner's Personal Assistant 

- Owner


Ok great :-) thanks so much. I was just saying to Ed the other day that during my whole time renting in Australia, we've never had better service from a property management company. Many thanks again Colette! Amanda   - Tenant

- Amanda Woodhams

First Class Property Management Service

I was just saying to Ed the other day that during my whole time renting in Australia, we've never had better service from a property management company. Amanda - Tenant

- Amanda Fuller - Tenant

Efficient Great Service

Dear Georgina   It's always a pleasure to hear from you and I can't thank you enough for your always kind and efficient great service.   Warm regards   Maree 

- Ms Maree Psarianos

Hi Sonia   I just wanted to take the time to extend to you a sincere thank you for your assurances and assistance during the building work that was under way.   I am sure you are more than experienced in these matters and you genuinely sympathised with the fact that blocking light and noise was disruptive and made me feel threatened in my own home.   I just wanted to commend you for remaining positive, focused on the best outcome for me as the client and ensuring there was a fair and equitable outcome.   You were of course correct that once the work was finally finished after the five months the building is much more enjoyable.   I appreciate your efforts and wanted to commend you on your patience and diligence.   Thank you very much   Anna Hindson  

- Anna Hudson

Recommended Agent

Nicole, just to let u know I will be recommending you to a lot of my friends you have been fantastic. And if we manage to buy the other apartments in the building I will be requesting your expertise ! :)

- Andrew King - Landlord

Appreciate the extra effort

Just a note to say thankyou for all your work for me this year. I really appreciate all the extra effort you and your staff have made to fit in our various properties and help make them more tax effective.

- James Watson

Very easy to work with

Nicole, you have handled things well since taking over and I find it very easy to work with you. The tenant seemed very nice and curteous and they have treated the property well - credit to your due diligence also. Thank you

- Vincent Musumeci - Landlord

Thank you for your hard work

I just wanted to say thanks again for all your hard work this week - I know it's been a stretch pulling it all together and it means a lot having your help and expertise.

- Scott - Landlord

Prompt, Professional, Calm and organised. Very Praiseworthy!

I would like to write this compliment letter to my real estate agent Sonia for the recent emergency happened in my property of above mentioned address.   Last Friday we had experienced another blocked drainage in my rental property second time within a month, my partner unfortunately fell over in the sewerage water that came out of the drain and hit his back and head without noticing. Under such condition, I reported this matter of emergency to my real estate agent Sonia immediately, I was pretty upset and angry since this has been the second time in a month. I wasn't really nice and talked agressively on the phone because my partner got injured for this unexpected issue. However Sonia acted very calm and nice on the phone for the whole time during the conversation. She was patient enough to listen to my concerns and apologised for such accident which wasn't even her fault.   She was very helpful and tried to arrange a plumber to attend straight away. Due to long weekend, it is usually very hard to organise someone to attend the problem within short period. But Sonia tried her best to contact different plumbers and kept us updated on the progress.  After 2 hours, a plumber came to investigate the problem. However we were advised that the problem couldnt be fixed until next day. By the time plumber left, it was already quite late at night, Sonia was still on the line asking us the progress so she could act accordingly. I must say, it is really hard to find such responsible and responsive real estate agent that cares about her tenant, especially it was on a Friday night of the long weekend.   Next day morning, when I tried to ring her for the follow-ups but couldnt get through her. She quickly replied me that she was at openings to explain to me why she couldnt pick up my phone call. To make us feel that we didnt get neglected. She rang me afterwards and updated me with follow-ups.   My drainage got unblocked within 24 hours by Sonia constant assistance and patience. She did not hang up on me due to my emtional aggression, she acted very promptly and professionally on various conditions, her communication skill, organisation skill and problem solving skill are praiseworthy.   During my past experience of being a tenant, I rarely had such skilful and increditable agent. I really wish to express my big thank you to you for being so caring and patient.   We do appreciate your attention, your timely help and courtesy.

- Ally Z & Jonathan L - Tenant