Sonia Leal

Founder 6th April 1975 - 21st November 2016

What was the driving force behind Niche Portfolio for the agency’ Founder, Sonia Leal? It was simple: Sonia wanted to offer better service and stronger value than what she saw other property managers in Sydney’s eastern suburbs delivering. And with more than 20 years’ experience working in real-estate agencies in Sydney’s niche, eastern-suburbs pocket, Sonia was in a good position to know what the market was doing.

In response, Niche Portfolio focuses on handpicking and screening a small database of high-quality tenants for your residential property or commercial property. Ensuring you have a dedicated property manager, someone who closely understands and follows your property’s progress, available out of office hours to suit you. Ensuring your property manager monitors your rental payments straight away. After all, you are holding a property in Sydney’s market because you’ve recognised the strong returns that Sydney can deliver.

We are here to make sure you receive those returns, under the right business model for the residential or commercial property you’ve entrusted to us. Driven by this strong vision, Sonia built Niche Portfolio into one of Sydney’s most personalised and efficient property-management agencies. Niche thrives on offering that touch of warmth in their property-management service, a magical experience that only a small agency can deliver.

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" $50 more per week than I hoped! "

The tenants in my investment property decided to vacate the unit just over a year ago. I had been happy with the property manager but having spoken to Sonia at niche I decided to give her an equal opportunity to rent the unit. Within 48 hours she had 2 parties interested and I ended up getting $50 pw more than I hoped. Since then the rent has been paid on time every time. I couldn't ask for a more professional service.


" Great job "

Very glad to send work your way, as you do such a great job and you are so lovely.


Hi Sonia I would like to sincerely thank you for your constant update. Your way of handling business make me feel very comfortable. You have been keeping me in the loop, whether good or bad. You make a great difference. Congratulations for a job very well done. Kind regards


" Very Impressed "

Hi Sonia, I am writing to say thank you for all your help and advice with regard to the property you rented for me for 4 years at 123 Hall Street Bondi Beach. I was very impressed by your professionalism and attention to detail in all matters throughout the rental term. The Niche staff that I met were all a credit to the company. I will definately contact you when I buy another property to let. Best Wishes Derek Hall

" The little things "

Excellent thanks for the contact. You guys really do care about the little things.


" Fantastic service & support "

Hi Sonia, Finally, we wanted to thank both you and Megan for the fantastic service and support we got from you both to help get the apartment ready and the first tenancy under way.  We felt you both went that little bit further to clarify and assist with things, forward our for sale list and so on.  It was sincerely appreciated!   With best regards,

Jeremy and Haris

" Available at all times "

I am pleased to recommend Niche Portfolio as a leasing agent. Sonia and Krystal were most pleasant and professional to work with.  They made themselves available at all times, even after-hours and responded to my phone calls and emails promptly.  They were very resourceful at times when problems arose.   I have every confidence in their ability to continue working in my and my property's best interest.

Ercel Ozser - Landlord

" A BIG thank you "

Hi Sonia, I really appreciated your call today. Thank you for going through the list with me and a BIG thank you for helping me with fixing the insurance and the parquettry floor. I also really appreciate you helping me out on alot of things that I would not have known or how to do it. Just wanted a quick email to let you know I really do appreciate all the help you have given me. Especially in the situation that I am in.

Jeremy - Landlord

" Prompt, Professional, Calm and organised. Very Praiseworthy! "

I would like to write this compliment letter to my real estate agent Sonia for the recent emergency happened in my property of above mentioned address.   Last Friday we had experienced another blocked drainage in my rental property second time within a month, my partner unfortunately fell over in the sewerage water that came out of the drain and hit his back and head without noticing. Under such condition, I reported this matter of emergency to my real estate agent Sonia immediately, I was pretty upset and angry since this has been the second time in a month. I wasn't really nice and talked agressively on the phone because my partner got injured for this unexpected issue. However Sonia acted very calm and nice on the phone for the whole time during the conversation. She was patient enough to listen to my concerns and apologised for such accident which wasn't even her fault.   She was very helpful and tried to arrange a plumber to attend straight away. Due to long weekend, it is usually very hard to organise someone to attend the problem within short period. But Sonia tried her best to contact different plumbers and kept us updated on the progress.  After 2 hours, a plumber came to investigate the problem. However we were advised that the problem couldnt be fixed until next day. By the time plumber left, it was already quite late at night, Sonia was still on the line asking us the progress so she could act accordingly. I must say, it is really hard to find such responsible and responsive real estate agent that cares about her tenant, especially it was on a Friday night of the long weekend.   Next day morning, when I tried to ring her for the follow-ups but couldnt get through her. She quickly replied me that she was at openings to explain to me why she couldnt pick up my phone call. To make us feel that we didnt get neglected. She rang me afterwards and updated me with follow-ups.   My drainage got unblocked within 24 hours by Sonia constant assistance and patience. She did not hang up on me due to my emtional aggression, she acted very promptly and professionally on various conditions, her communication skill, organisation skill and problem solving skill are praiseworthy.   During my past experience of being a tenant, I rarely had such skilful and increditable agent. I really wish to express my big thank you to you for being so caring and patient.   We do appreciate your attention, your timely help and courtesy.

Ally Z & Jonathan L - Tenant

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