Real Estate Agent Paddington

Niche Portfolio Paddington is a boutique real estate and commercial property management agent based in the Sydney suburb of Paddington. We provide real estate and property management services to clients throughout Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, as well as managing portfolios in Balmain and the North Shore. Offering high-quality personalised real estate and property management services, Niche Portfolio will ensure only the most well suited tenants are placed in your property.

With a proven record and unique insight into the popular real estate and property markets in Paddington and surrounding areas, Niche Portfolio will provide a personalised service for every new client. Our commercial property management services are structured to ensure your personal investment is managed with the upmost care and consideration.

We achieve these results through a number of key approaches;

  • We invite and closely interview only about 2-3 tenants during your open home or office, and handpick the best-quality candidates for your property, rather than opening your property to large groups for random visits;
  • We monitor your incoming rent the day after its due date, rather than checking arrears only once a week in the typical model of property-management agencies. This means we know if tenants have fallen behind their rent straight away and we recoup your payment without delay;
  • We offer a dedicated property manager – they know you, your property, your tenants and your priorities; and
  • We work around the clock to give you specialised, efficient service. Does a prospective tenant want to see your property out of office hours? We’re happy to show them through. Would you like your property open for inspection every day of its marketing campaign? We’re happy to do so.

Niche Portfolio are the preferred Real Estate Agent in Paddington for many residential and commercial properties in Paddington and the surrounding suburbs due to our vast knowledge of the area. Niche Portfolio takes great pride in our ability to achieve a satisfying result tailored to each individual client. Our real estate and property management team draws upon over 20 years’ experience working in the Paddington area in order to ensure your investment is cared for on both a personal and professional level.

It is important to make a well informed decision when choosing a real estate agent or property manager for your property. Niche Portfolio offers a wide range of services to suit all clients.

So whether you are looking for a real estate agent in Paddington to service your residential property management requirements or your commercial property management services, look no further than Niche Portfolio. Please give us a call today on 02 9362 0740 to discuss your property!