Property Management Sydney

Have you just purchased an investment property and are a little daunted by the prospect of undertaking property management in Sydney yourself?

Are you unhappy with the level of service currently being provided to you by your Sydney property management agency?

Are you feeling unsure as to which one stands out because they all sound the same and offer the same services?

Here at Niche Portfolio, we tailor our property management Sydney services specifically to your individual needs. We deliver an efficient, personalised service to help you make the most of your hard earned investment. Whether you are looking for commercial property management services, residential property management serivces, property management in the Eastern Suburbs, or Paddington, you can choose us with confidence.

We are a boutique residential and commercial property management agency specializing in finding property management Sydney solutions for the Eastern suburbs. Throughout the years we have worked tirelessly to build our reputation as unique amongst the myriad of property management agencies in Sydney.

Property Management Services in Sydney

We treat your property like our own. It’s as simple as that:

  • We selectively invite and interview a maximum of 3 tenants during your open home or building. We carefully select the best candidates for your property, rather than allowing large groups to visit your property at any time;
  • We monitor your incoming rent the day after its due date. The majority of companies dealing in property management Sydney will only check outstanding debts once a week. This means we know if tenants have fallen behind on their rent straight away, keeping your investment working for you in the right way;
  • Niche Portfolio will provide a qualified property manager solely committed to you and your investment property.  They know you, your property, your tenants and your individual priorities; and
  • We work around the clock to give you a specialised, efficient property management Sydney service.

We love working with our local community and are passionate about making the most of property management Sydney in the Eastern suburbs. With over 20 years’ experience as property managers in the east, we know what investment owners need and we know how to deliver results.

At Niche Portfolio, we take the stress out of managing an investment property in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. At Niche, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring together a team of like-minded individuals passionate about property .

Niche Portfolio goes to great lengths to achieve a satisfying result which is tailored to reflect each individual client’s needs and wants. Our property management Sydney team draws upon over 20 years’ experience in the residential property management industry in order to ensure your investment is cared for on both a personal and professional level.

Choosing the right real estate portfolio manager in Sydney for your property management needs can be a daunting process. At Niche Portfolio, we strive to provide the best service experience for our clients, no exception.

We understand how important your investment is to you, making it our aim to achieve for you a growing investment which stays profitable over time. At Niche, we are experts in property management Sydney, possessing the experience and credibility to offer services to our clients that remain unmatched in the property management industry.

When you’re looking for a first class team working in property management Sydney, look no further than Niche. We provide a blue-ribbon service for all your residential property management requirements.

Call us today on 02 9362 0740 to find out how we can help you get the most from your property portfolio.