Niche Portfolio is a boutique property-management agency that focuses on Sydney’s eastern suburbs, managing residential and commercial properties with the care and warmth that only a niche agency can deliver.

Property Management Tailored To The Eastern Suburbs

We care for your property like it’s our own.

Our end-to-end property-management service includes:

5 Unique Ways We Manage Your Sydney Property

We take a unique, personalised approach to your residential and commercial property management.

It’s our mission to provide the most efficient and personalised property care and management in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

With Niche Portfolio, you’ll receive:

  1. Quality – We invite and thoroughly interview only about 2-3 prospective tenants at each home or office inspection, and handpick the best-quality candidates for you, rather than opening your home or office for 50 anonymous people to walk through.
  2. Reliability – We check the incoming rent the day after its due date, while many other property managers check their arrears only once a week. Our approach means we know if tenants have fallen behind their rent immediately and we can follow up.
  3. Simplicity – You only deal with one person at  Niche Portfolio. They know you, your property, your tenants and your priorities.
  4. Responsiveness – We work around the clock to give you specialised, efficient service. Does a prospective tenant want to see your property out of office hours? We’re happy to show them through. It’s our job. And we’re committed to it.
  5. Focus – We’re passionate about property-management in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. We have more than 20 years’ experience managing properties in the east. We know what landlords need and how to pick the best tenants for your investment portfolio.