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Darlinghurst Suburb Guide | Real Estate Blog – Niche Portfolio

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Highlights of Darlinghurst

Darlinghurst is an inner city suburb of Sydney.  Close to Sydney’s Central Business District, it is one of the most quaint and cultured parts of Sydney.  The celebrated Oxford Street runs through the suburb.  This street is considered the most exciting, colourful and glamorous shopping and entertainment districts in Sydney, with clubs, pubs and theatres. 

City living

Many may associate living in the inner city with loitering and danger.  During the past three decades, Darlinghurst has undergone gentrification - transforming it from an inner city slum notorious for crime into one of the most popular and lively places to live.  From pumping clubs and pubs on Oxford Street to the quiet and serene tree-lined back streets, Darlinghurst is certainly not short on action.

This dynamic suburb is littered with apartments and historic terraces, not to mention small neighbourhood parks and gorgeous back streets that are lined with flora and friendly lane ways to discover.

Shop and dine till you drop!

Oxford Street is the place to be for the hippest fashion and designer clothing.  This street runs for many kilometres and if you are in the market for shoes, great cafes, jewelry, books or clothing, this is the street for you.  If you are more a food lover, head to Stanley Street – which is referred to as Sydney’s Little Italy for an authentic penne, pizza or café espresso.  If you a coffee addict, don’t forget to drop into Bar Coluzzi or Tropicana on Victoria Street.


Darlinghurst has been around since the late 1800’s.  Its historic houses and buildings still stand today such as the Court House on Taylor Square - a well-known city destination.  Darlinghurst is only a few kilometres from the city centre and from China town as well as the scenic Harbour Bridge and Opera House.  Get walking and check out the adjacent suburbs which hug the harbour, including - Woolloomoolloo, Potts Point, Rushcutters Bay, Paddington and Surry Hills. 



Although there are no trains in Darlinghurst – do not worry! There are trains stations in the neighbouring suburbs such as Kings Cross and Hyde Park.  There are plenty of buses available (there is a bus stop at nearly every corner) that will take you either into the city, Eastern Suburbs, the airport, or into the Western Suburbs. 

Don’t miss out!

Don’t miss out on getting your cultural fixes.  Darlinghurst boasts Sydney’s Jewish Museum as well as the Australian Museum (a natural history museum), the National Arts School and Sydney’s most well-renowned St Vincent’s Hospital - which is home to Australia’s best doctors, surgeons and researchers. 

Annual Attractions

Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras started in 1978 as a protest march by members of the gay and lesbian community.  It is now one of the largest festivals in the world.  It will take your breath away with the incredibly decorated floats, music and acts.  This festival takes place on Oxford Street annually.  It is attended by hundreds of thousands of people from Australia and overseas.  This festival is so successful that it alone generates an annual income of $30 million dollars for New South Wales. 

Property prices for renting and buying

Looking to buy or rent in Darlinghurst?  Below is an average price guide to one of the most trendy and popular suburb in Australia. 

Renting a Darlinghurst Apartment

1 bedroom unit - $500 per week

2 bedroom unit - $770 per week

3 bedroom unit - $1350 per week


Renting a Darlinghurst Home

2 bedroom home - $750 per week

3 bedroom home - $950 per week

4 bedroom home - $1,100 per week


Buying a Darlinghurst Apartment

1 bedroom unit - $678,500

2 bedroom unit - $982,500

3 bedroom unit - $2,145,000  


Buying a Darlinghurst Home

2 bedroom home - $ 1,050,000

3 bedroom home - $ 1,400,000

4 bedrooms home - $1,375,000


Contact Niche Portfolio if you need any Darlinghurst real estate advice.